Aggigma Zois (Hands of Life)

Athens, Greece

A Cancer Care Nonprofit

Aggigma Zois (Hands of Life) takes lifesaving chemotherapy drugs to the poor and indigent throughout Greece. Their challenge was simple: raise awareness of cancer care to foundations and corporations who might be able to help with funding their efforts. They approached us to create a social media ad campaign and fundraising videos to help government agencies, foundations, and philanthropists to educate and motivate to contribute. We created targeted ads for use on social media and photo postcards to highlight their efforts, their speeches, and their efforts.


NoTraditional transparent.png


A nonprofit in the heart of Athens, Greece


NoTraditional approached us in July, 2017 to promote the ParaTyro Open Art Experience festival in the village of Tyros, Greece. The Festival was designed to bring tourists to an economically-challenged area in an economy under capital controls and in economic crisis. We created the festival website and promotional videos, which went viral on social media. The festival was an outstanding success, leading to the joint reception of the bronze medal at the 2018 Greek Event Awards in July, 2018.