Houston Creative Media serves three primary markets:

  • Healthcare

  • Financial Services

  • Churches

We also do occasional work in other markets as time permits, including Weddings, Architecture, and Real Estate.


We focus our healthcare-related work on producing interview videos, medical software promotions, clinic promotions, and health issue awareness. We use the power of podcasting, social media, documentary film, and targeted advertisements to reach new patient populations, bring awareness to health issues, and tell stories of medical professionals and patients.

Financial Services

Our financial service work focuses on working with businesses that help families and businesses make sound investments and prepare for life’s uncertainties. By combining broadcasting, audio podcasting, video podcasting, and social media advertising we help our clients reach their customers and expand their markets for their products and services. We focus on adding value to existing services and leveraging the power of social media to reach new audiences.


We began our company producing fundraising videos for African evangelization and ministry, and producing high-quality work for churches and ministries remains a key component of our business. We’re passionate advocates for outreach, mission, and evangelization for the Great Commission locally and internationally.